How to start the next Vonage

To start the next Vonage you will need essentially six things (other than 500,000 clients). Each of these things need to be qualified so that you know that your providers will still be there after you go live, and that they will honour your contract with them.

  • Website to allow the customer to sign up and see their options and minutes used (optional, but probably needed) .
  • Minutes provider of minutes so that your customers can call regular PSTN phone numbers
  • DID provider, which allows your customers to have regular PSTN phone numbers for incoming calls
  • VoIP Server to route traffic from the DIDs to your customers and allow them to call out - Vonage uses SER, Broadvoice uses Broadsoft, and RNKTEL uses Asterisk.
  • Hardware provider for the ATAs needed to have your customers connect to the VoIP server
  • A billing engine. You do want to get paid, right?

Number 1 rule: Test the entire solution. Run a pilot project with some volunteers for at least a couple of months before going live. Leave the pilot running so you can test changes before putting them into production. Reliability is your friend.

Minutes’ Provider

You're going to be looking around for companies that provide you with minutes for your customers to be able to pick up their phones and dial a phone number (local or long distance)

Most of these can be found here

Below are some good minutes’ providers:

  • VoipJet Accepts PayPal and credit cards; free trial; $5 Minimum commitment; up and running in 5 minutes
  • FonoSIP Accepts PayPal and credit cards; free trial; up and running in 5 minutes.
  • Five9snetwork Canada 0.0115 USD /min; full A-Z routing; good call quality.
  • Commpartners - Large carrier class network; DIDs in most major cities; sponsors

DID Providers

You're going to be looking for companies that provide you 1-800 numbers or local DIDs in all states, and/or countries where you'd like your customers (and maybe you too) to have phone numbers where people can call using any PSTN phone line. The best source for this is, an exchange platform for different VoIP providers to sell DIDs to you without a high per month cost to you. All their numbers are shown on your website and routed to your network when customers order them.

Most can be found here

  • Airone Communications Wholesale Only, IAX/SIP VoIP Termination, Asterisk Support, Virtual PRI, DID Numbers in USA / CANADA: we charge around $0.03 per number including unlimited inbound calls. No minimum purchase requirements
  • DID World Wide - Largest worldwide coverage, multi protocol and multi channel supported online DID provider.
  • Didx - An exchange platform for different VoIP providers to sell their DIDs without a high per month cost to you. You show all their DID numbers on your website and route it to your network when a customer orders it. Routing is instant to your network. You get twos FREE DID when you sign up. DIDX does not provide any DI on its own but all are provided by someone else, but are tested thoroughly. One way to understand DIDX is like an eBay or PayPal or Arbinet of DID. I3Networks CEO calls it a DID ecosystem of 4500+ ITSPs from 200 countries. Since it's wholesale only, minimum monthly quantity of DIDs in each account are 20 through May 30, 2007, and then 50 from June 1, 2007, until further notice. Prices start $1.1 a month per DID.
  • Virtual Phone - World's first DID on a broadband phone provider beta in 1999 and public 2000, now retails only, and prices are higher but sells only good quality DIDs with fallback and PSTN forwarding features.
  • IPKall will provide you a FREE DID in Washington state - You're up and running within minutes
  • Phone2Net Phone 2 Net offers SIP , IAX2, and h323 trunking services. You can get unlimited incoming calls over IP to any of the protocols on Google, MSN, or Yahoo messengers. Guaranteed tier1 quality numbers only.
  • SipGate Free DID in UK & Germany - Same as Stana
  • Link2voip- 1-800 DIDs for $1.49/month & 4.5c/min - DIDs for $4.50/mo plus 1.37c/min only in a few Canadian area codes - Takes PayPal, but it takes about 1-2 days to get your DIDs - $20 Minimum Commitment
  • Commpartners - Large carrier class