Reseller / Reseller PRO

Reseller add-on incorporates basic reseller support into MOR. Currently it lets to create user with type ‘reseller’.

When this user logs into the system he is able to:

  • Create tariffs
  • Create users
  • Setup their own tariffs and assign them to their users
  • View calls and other stats for his own users
  • Add own logo to GUI
  • Customize invoice with their details (logo is not supported)
  • Can calculate own profit

When his users are making calls – reseller’s balance decreases along with user’s balance. If reseller is prepaid and he is out of balance or postpaid and credit limit is reached – his users will not be able to make calls even if they still have money in their balance.

For more information you can read a dedicated manual for resellers to work on MOR:


Reseller Pro add-on is an optional MOR feature allowing Resellers to have own Providers. It also lets Admin to mark some of his Providers to be optionally used for Resellers.

Reseller PRO add-on allows having his own providers and creating his own LCRs, but changing tariffs only for his providers. Reseller PRO cannot affect tariff which is assigned for him by admin.


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