Help and Support


Our major support efforts focus on educating customers about implementing their desired business model.

We strive to provide technical and conceptual support to avoid miscommunication and streamline our customers’ business operations.

Please visit our Support System.

Remote Installation and Configuration

Kolmisoft softswitch routing and billing system is installed and configured remotely.

Our technicians have a remote access to your billing system, which means that they’re able to constantly monitor system performance and respond to your queries in a timely fashion.

We assist telecoms in the startup stages of their billing deployment by providing a professional basic implementation performed by a highly trained and qualified team of support engineers.

By providing expert support at the initial stages of market entry, we ease our clients service deployment and speed their time-to-market.


We are helping to decide what solution suits client’s business most efficiently:

  • What implementation is recommended for specific business case;
  • Calculations to estimate how much it is possible to benefit using Kolmisoft solutions;
  • Recommendations for value added services which could help client’s business to expand service range, attract more clients and increase profit.