MOR integration into other products and modifaction of  MOR GUI

Technologies used:

  • Ruby on Rails – GUI
  • MySQL – used for data storage
  • Asterisk – used for interconnecting the calls.
  • CentOS Linux – platform. Other Linux distributions might work but are not supported by Kolmisoft.
  • Apache – a web server


MOR API lets other software interact with MOR without knowing the internal structure of the database (DB) and other logic.

MOR API makes powerful functionality available to developers by exposing various features of the MOR Softswitch platform. Kolmisoft offers API that you can use to integrate:

  • Invoicing/Accounting Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • etc

Reasons to use MOR API

  • MOR API allows you to perform some operations without modifying the GUI – does not require any Ruby on Rails knowledge.
  • MOR API can be used in any programming language which supports sending POST requests.
  • When you modify a GUI directly – each time MOR system is updated – your changes are overwritten by MOR upgrade scripts. Your changes are backuped and it is your responsibility to merge those changes back.

MOR users that are allowed to use MOR API

  • Admin
  • Reseller
  • Accountant

Operations supported by MOR API

  • User registration
  • Login / Logout
  • Callback – can be used to initiate a call from your application
  • Invoices – retrieves a list of invoices in a selected time period
  • Balance – retrieves a user balance
  • Rate – check user rate for a phone number prefix

And many more…


MOR API Reference provides detailed request and response information for each API call.