On-Site Training

Highly qualified Kolmisoft experts are pleased to offer upscale, interactive, educational training programs to our customers and partners.

Along with initial base knowledge our training programs will help you to learn how to use MOR Softswitch & Addons faster and more effectively.

Educational and training program is divided into different types. Also you have an opportunity to order a custom-tailored training session.

Types of Training

FREE Online Group Training every week:

  • Online with screen-sharing, video, audio
  • Every Client is eligible for this Training
  • Registration and all other details on our Facebook page

Personalized Training:

  • Specially for only one client at agreed time for agreed questions
  • Online with screen-sharing, video, audio

Training purposes

Kolmisoft provides training for the following basic purposes:

  • To understand how MOR works and to learn how to use MOR for your specific business operation. For example:
    • Add provider
    • Upload tariff
    • Generate calling cards
    • Configure IVR
    • etc
  • To understand how to start and prosper in the following business models:
    • Retail Business (PC2Phone, PC2PC, Phone2Phone)
    • Wholesale Business (Termination/Origination)
    • Callback (Over Call, Email, SMS)
    • Calling Card (using PIN and PINless)
    • Call Shop
    • Auto Dialer

Training prices and plans

  • Group Online training is FREE!
  • Personalized Training’s price is 50 EUR/h.

Also for start-up companies or for companies who want to add new business direction to their services, we recommend special plan which is focused on how to make money and covers much more:

  • Training material;
  • Detailed Webinar;
  • 1 month Phone/Skype/Email/Web/Video consultations;
  • Financial calculators to clearly see your investments and profit;
  • TO-DO step-by-step checklists for starting your business processes;
  • Ready agreement forms for your clients, suppliers, partners;
  • FULL Infrastructure for 1 month – you can check what you have learned!
  • FREE traffic to start your business now!How is the training done?


Live training is done using live meeting platform Webex.

Not live training (if you choose special plan) is done by:

  • Webinars
  • Emails with useful material
  • etc.

If Training sessions take place at customer’s location it requires an additional payment. Full training program usually takes 3 business days. Transportation and accommodation expenses have to be paid additionally.

Contact us if you have any concerns about On-site Training.