Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability is an add-on to MOR softswitch which allows to manage routing (send calls to more profitable route) based on dialled number.It is useful if your supplier applies different rates for calls inside its network and outside it. However, due to the possibility to port a number it is no longer possible to determine provider based on prefix. For this reason countries that allows number portability (LNP for fixed lines, MNP for mobile phone lines) have a specific database which includes ported numbers and supplier to which ported number belongs to at a current date. Mobile Number Portability add-on allows to import such database to MOR and make routing decisions which allow system owner to optimize profit on calls to ported number.

Current implementation allows saving numbers in the MySQL database on any server (although this isn’t possible on a local server). Before each call, MOR MNP add-on checks the dialed number; if the number is found in database, the correct prefix is added. By adding the correct prefix, MOR can set different routing (LCR) or billing (tariff) for the number.

This technique is described at LCR/Tariff change based on call prefix.

It is important to take care of various number formats user can dial. Solution to it is to insert MNP number into DB in several possible formats.

PLEASE NOTE. Database (DB) with ported mobile numbers is not included.

Additional information about Mobile Number Portability add-on: