We Help Service Providers To Grow VoIP business

Kolmisoft is a European-based company that has experienced rapid, year-on-year growth providing class 4/5 softswitches with in-built billing, routing and reporting functionality to small and mid-sized telecommunication service providers worldwide with deployments in more than 100 countries. We help VoIP service providers to choose the right softswitch platform that allows them to grow their voice business by managing the key operations (billing, routing, rate management, reporting, etc.) more efficiently.

MOR Class 5 Softswitch
With Billing, Routing, Rating and Reporting

MOR is a feature-rich platform and is a great choice for those who want to offer various services under one platform and don’t have a huge call volume. It has a more extensive API and more small features that might be useful for you.

M4 Class 4 Softswitch
With Billing, Routing, Rating and Reporting

M4 is more robust, more scalable, and can handle a few times higher call volume than MOR. It is a better choice unless you need some specific features that are available only in MOR, e.g. Recordings, Resellers, Spy real-time calls, or PBX features (IVR, Voicemail, Call Queues, or Ring Groups).