Platforms for VoIP Billing and Routing (LCR) with over 3500+ deployments worldwide

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Complete Softswitch Solution for Your Telecom

Billing System
With many advanced features included
We develop the requested features in affordable time and price
The system is automated to eliminate human mistakes
Bugs Prevention
We employ automated testing and experienced testers
Softswitch converts from/to various codecs on the fly
Quality Control
Various triggers, raports and routing methods to ensure designed quality
Constant flow of updates to meet market needs
Experienced team of engineers 24/7 for critical issues

One of 3% Strongest

With a rapid year-on-year growth we have created top-notch team which is ready to help you meet your long- and short-term business goals


75+ testimonials
from our satisfied customers


Certification for having good credit rating which
only 4% of Lithuanian companies hold


Established in 2008, with head quarters
in Vilnius, Lithuania


500+ clients in more than 100+ countries


Global customer base with 3500+ deployments


Kolmisoft has been awarded domestically
for company growth and development


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Fernando Lapeña
We decided to use MOR because its characteristics adapt perfectly to our business model. The commercial answer was quick and we like your way of working.
Davide Bellei
I am really amazed on how your support team answers in a complete, clear and quick way. And the product is really good and is completely satisfying our needs.
Trenove S.r.l
Alessandro Marzini
We like Kolmisoft products for their very good quality/price ratio and support!
Kristian Liivak
We have been using MOR for over a year as a primary VoIP platform and we are very satisfied. It covers most of our needs.
Wavecom AS
Rezaul Kabir
Its really great to find someone with such progressive thinking... I am glad that we went with Kolmisoft. I can easily see MOR growing into a great platform with excellent Application support.
NovoTel Limited
Frank Bugeja
First of all we do have a premium support and can guarantee you that their support is top notch when a problem and question is explained properly to them. We are also very impressed that support are very quick to look at things and answer the tickets fast between business hours. Today we also needed them for the first time as High Priority and that was during the night for them. The issue was resolved within 15 mins. Thanks Support and keep it up!
Mohammad Waseem Khan
I would like to congratulate Kolmisoft on their levels of customer service, as their support team are always quick to respond, highly competent and extremely courteous. I am so lucky to have found, Kolmisoft for my new calling card business. We can recommend them for great value, reliability and support.
Global NGN
Sokol Petro
MOR is the most user friendly and powerfull VoIP platform I know.
G-Tel Srl
Leonardo Suzan
We think that Kolmisoft exceeded our expectations in every way, we are very pleased with the service in general. Our clients are enjoying the benefits too.
James Murdock
I must tell you that your platform is excellent! ;) There are some changes that need to be made, however, your support staff have done a great job communicating and resolving issues. Please thank them for the job they do.
LeaperConn International, LLC
Shmaya Reichman
Thanks. As the systems get more reliable, it is easier to get the larger clients. Asterisk doesn't crash and you've gone a long way with many other functions as well that do not exist on other systems. The ability to work with multiple asterisk servers at once is a great thing and relatively a cheap solution for mid size carriers.
x2one LTD
Chahid Ouarzoun
Kolmisoft's professionalism and expertise has largely contributed to our success in Fullipcom, by understanding our projects. The Team is courteous, sensitive and responsive when communicating with us. Good luck for the future.


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