Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP offerings are for end users who want to make low-cost calls via their broadband connection. Pre-pay and post-pay offerings are available via Kolmisoft MOR Softswitch and calls are made through a range of VoIP devices including VoIP phones and ATA’s.

Residential VoIP – Providing VoIP services, VoIP Billing and DID redirection to the general public. The endpoint is usually a PC-Dialler (or softphone) a physical VoIP phone or ATA. The latest smartphones also support VoIP.

Consumers can communicate using IP phones. When on the move they can be reachable on their smartphones or tablets or they can sign in to a PC softphone and enjoy its versatility. And all this using the same account shared on multiple devices.

MOR’s converged billing allows offering different products such as subscriptions, monthly plans, one time plans – bundles of minutes to certain destinations – and much more. When an account is depleted user can top up the account using a credit card or PayPal or other payment methods. Through the self-care Portal, the user can then change their account settings, check his call logs and manage his subscriptions.

Any VoIP activities start from retail sales of telecom services to end-users. There are many methods of delivering a retail service, most notable are: DID sales and management, office telephony, local telecom provisioning, virtual telecom networks, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC, etc.

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