Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP offerings are for end users who want to make low-cost calls via their broadband connection. Pre-pay and post-pay offerings are available via Kolmisoft MOR Softswitch and calls are made through a range of VoIP devices including VoIP phones and ATA’s.

Residential VoIP – Providing VoIP services, VoIP Billing and DID redirection to the general public. The endpoint is usually a PC-Dialler (or softphone) a physical VoIP phone or ATA. The latest smartphones also support VoIP.

Any VoIP activities start from retail sales of telecom services to end-users. There are many methods of delivering a retail service, most notable are: DID sales and management, office telephony, local telecom provisioning, virtual telecom networks, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC, etc.