Business VoIP

Business VoIP is the modern form of business phone service utilizing an internet connection instead of a PSTN
landline connection. By sending voice, video, and data communications through the internet network,
a business can achieve a high-quality VoIP phone system for a fraction of traditional legacy setups.
Business VoIP solutions differ from landline services as feature rich alternatives for small to medium-sized businesses.

Packed with advanced phone system features necessary to operate a small to medium businesses, such as hosted
PBX capabilities, desk-to-desk calling, automated attendant systems, call routing and even music-on-hold,
Business phone services powered by VoIP technology make it easy for any company to operate with the same level
of professionalism, customers expect from large scale enterprise systems. With an inexpensive, feature filled
phone solutions, a business can operate at a high level on par with large scale systems, without having to worry about the cost.

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