This add-on allows you to expand your service range and provide additional service for your clients – Callback.

The Callback module enables various types of callback-based services. What is common for all types is that it is the provider’s system that initiates connections to two end points on a user request. The types of callback differ in the way how a user can trigger the service.

Supported Callback methods in MOR, listed by initialization method (which triggers Callback), are:

  • Call
  • Over GUI
  • Over Email
  • Over API

Callback in MOR can be classified three ways depending on how the user is authenticated/authorized:

  • By User Device’s PIN.
  • Using ANI (Automatic Number Identification).
  • By the Calling Card’s Number/PIN (or just the PIN).

Main Features:

  • Custom IVR scenarios with additional options like balance, rate, max call duration announcements
  • Different IVRs for busy/failed calls
  • Various options to manipulate CallerIDs on LegA and LegB
  • Multi-language support in IVR prompts
  • Option to wait until the destination leg is connected before calling the initiating party
  • Max Retries, Retry Time, Wait Time
  • Custom Hangup Cause for failed Callback
  • API to initiate Callback


IMPORTANT: Callback solutions are prohibited in many countries worldwide.
Please ensure you have the necessary permits or licenses required, or the legal right to offer this service.


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