E-book About VoIP Business

How to Start a VoIP Business: A Six-Stage Guide to Becoming a VoIP Service Provider is the first book which explains in plain English how to become a VoIP provider and start different services, based on a VoIP technology. This simple six-stage guide will give you the know-how of launching services, such as:

How to start a VOIP business



  • Mobile VoIP
  • Callback
  • Calling cards
  • Call shops
  • Residential VoIP
  • Virtual PBX
  • SIP trunking
  • Wholesale transit
  • Call origination
  • Call termination

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Top Customer Reviews

An in-depth book that provides both technical and business know-how about VoIP business. It’s an excellent guide to understand the VoIP market better!

– Bas Kooijman, CEO/Founder of Brokerteam


Vilius has put the puzzles together in a simple and easy-to-follow guide on understanding and starting up a VoIP business.

– Dhesigan Naidoo, CEO/Founder of One Mobile Networks


A compelling and definitive guide to starting a VoIP business. Not only do you learn the basics but you get a lot of insight, tips, techniques and ideas that will serve you well in your business.

– Rohin Ravindran, Executive Director at 12Telecom.com


As an already established VoIP provider, I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know. I was wrong – Vilius’ book is filled with tricks, tips and insights that have really added value to our business. A must read for any aspiring VoIP entrepreneur!

– Darran Hamer, CEO/Founder of Actopia Communications


Not knowing what you don’t know is the scariest part of starting a business. The table of contents alone helps create the framework for everything you need to understand about the VOIP market. This is the book I wish I read before starting our VOIP service 5 years ago

– Marshall Taplits, CEO/Founder of SpaxTel