Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale transit traffic exchange is a base of the whole VoIP industry. VoIP traffic transit service is supplied by transit telecom operators in a chain-like manner until the actual call reaches VoIP termination provider and is successfully terminated to local PSTN network.

Wholesale VoIP termination is broadly similar to any other VoIP termination, except in terms of scale. Other features of wholesale VoIP include authentication by IP address or by prefix code. The VoIP service provider has the freedom to manipulate the caller ID.

Terminating and billing large numbers of calls from a customer who has M2 Softswitch or similar Class 4 switch.

The only difference between the above types of service is that M2 is concerned in terms of volume. The configuration is broadly similar for each service.

M2 Softswitch supports SIP protocol as well as a range of VoIP codec protocols, such as g711 and g729.

Customer’s end-point is configured to pass its VoIP traffic through M2 Softswitch, where a call is then least cost routed via the lowest cost carrier, a call is rated, and customers available balance decremented.