VoIP Billing Software

Rock-solid VoIP billing system for telecommunications service providers

An all-in-one solution for telecoms and ISPs to automate VoIP billing, rating, routing and reporting.


Meet MOR – the ultimate VoIP billing platform with extended functionality, increased stability and professional support.

MOR is easy-to-use in your daily operations and it saves your time on repetitive tasks

Take control of the billing. Reduce manual work. Focus on your business.

Real-time prepaid and postpaid billing

Billing for incoming and outgoing calls

Export Call Data Records (CDRs) automatically

Origin-based pricing for calls, originating from EU and non-EU countries

Create subscriptions, packages, prefix-based tariffs and flat-rate pricing

Integrate any 3rd party payment gateway through API

Automated invoicing system with an option to use custom invoice templates

Import and export rate sheets easily from/to CSV files

Charge for incoming calls with integrated DID billing functionality

Create a daily balance limit, set a balance or credit limit for your users

Multicurrency support with manual or automatic exchange rate updates

Notifications if a user’s balance drops lower than the set value

Easy integration with your own billing/accounting system through API

Billing for your PBX calls in real-time, either prepaid or postpaid

MOR implementations: from a single server to high-availability system with SIP Proxy

Get access to most important billing and invoicing features


  • Support real-time billing, prepaid and postpaid
  • Real-time balance update: live calls are dropped if balance is out of credit
  • Subscriptions and Packages
  • Multicurrency support (Manual or automatic exchange rate)
  • Force cut off
  • Loop detection mechanism
  • Online and aggregated CDRs
  • VAT accounting
  • Comprehensive financial analysis
  • Notification system
  • Integrated automated, customizable invoicing system
  • Price list/Tariff management
  • Import/export of price lists from/to CSV files
  • Pricelist generator for originators (customers): compare and analyze pricelists of terminators (suppliers), apply margins, generate new price list
  • Configurable billing patterns for call rating
  • DID billing support
  • Configurable Service Plan fixed fees (Example: Monthly Plan fee)
  • Configurable rounding method (round/up/down)
  • Time zones can be configured on individual Vendor or Client basis
  • Low balance notification by email


  • Traffic reporting for calls
  • Charts reports for concurrent calls, call duration and ASR
  • Sales reports for payments, cost, and revenue
  • Users reports with full CDR
  • Statistical reports based on routes, clients, providers, time, etc
  • Export to .pdf or .csv formats
  • Flexible Summary/Aggregate reports
  • Sales, Payments Reports
  • PDF Invoice export
  • Profit/Loss Reports
  • Reports by Call Hangup Cause, Destinations

Invoicing / Balance Management

  • Per-customer invoice templates, including logo
  • Multiple billing increments
  • Credit limit and prepayment management
  • Balance and payments management
  • Contact management
  • Automatic and batch invoicing
  • Exportable carrier, balance and invoice reports

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Active Calls (Connected/Ringing)
  • Softswitch status
  • User Activity
  • Detailed SIP logs
  • Real-Time Alerts for various situations
  • CPU/RAM utilization, hard disk real-time monitoring
  • Services monitoring
  • Dynamic Provider Quality Deviations from baseline Provider

DID Management

  • DID inventory search/filtering
  • Bulk upload tool
  • DID Status and Assignment visibility
  • DID CDR Reporting
  • Buying/Selling charges support


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