MOR Softswitch

MOR is class 5 softswitch with Billing and Routing with extended functionality, increased stability and professional support directly from the developers. It enables VoIP providers to offer various services.

Kolmisoft Global provider

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  • All functionality in details covered in manual
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MOR system supports all voice business models like:


Additional functionality available with MOR allows you to start and manage any kind of business models thus adding value to the services and making your clients happy and loyal.

No matter which business model you own, MOR’s flexibility enables you to provide high quality voice services and effectively manage service offerings.


How it works?

In this video Kolmisoft describes the place of a softswitch in a simple call flow covering other VoIP elements which allow making and billing calls.


Who is this system designed for?

Kolmisoft System MOR is designed for premium performance and scalability; therefore, it is suitable for VoIP or Broadband service providers who:
  • plan for a full-scope VoIP business deployment
  • need to maintain medium, high or very high voice traffic volumes
  • differentiate on a first-class customer service
  • demand high reliability from their billing system
  • enjoy rapid business development and have outgrown their legacy billing systems


Why MOR?

  • Great price-quality ratio

  • Intuitive interface

  • Versatility and robustness

  • No altering in usage habits and undermining working performance.

  • Fast in adoption its not compromising ability to match expected functions.



2 servers redundant solution

This is the most popular solution because it is fully redundant and most stable.

Server solution


4 server redundant solution

Stable and redundant solution for high performance.

Server solution



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