Benefits to the VoIP business of flexible LCR features

Company profile

IstraCom d.o.o. is a Croatian company offering a wide range of services in the field of ICT. Company has already been operating for 10 years. Currently there are 5 employees working in IstraCom d.o.o.  Among all the services this company also provides retail VoIP to its business clients.



Prior to using Kolmisoft UAB services the main problems Company had were related to redundancy. As soon as one provider had failed, the complete service would have most likely go down as well.

Solution to a problem

Being dependent on the quality of their providers, IstraCom d.o.o. strived to find a suitable softswitch provider who would allow them to manage their business with a few termination suppliers.

In July 2011 partnership with Kolmisoft UAB was established. The chosen solution was a Hosted softswitch with small number of simultaneous calls and a support plan which despite its limitations was enough for the small company.

During the beginning of the partnership only a few problems arose with this solution all of which were solved in a timely manner. Ongoing support and the solution for the existing problem made sure that this partnership will last for years.


As a result of established partnership with Kolmisoft UAB, IstraCom d.o.o. became able to start managing their prices more efficiently due to much more flexible LCR feature.

Another lesson learned which is less influenced by the solution, is not to rely on one provider. Even though such consequence came out of the main problem of this case study, MOR helped IstraCom d.o.o. to see and evaluate the importance of high quality LCR management feature.

It is hard to compare financial figures with other clients as IstraCom d.o.o. provides business VoIP only as a small part of their services. However, as the profit margin of this section constantly exceeds 80% it can be said that the VoIP is a very successful area for IstraCom d.o.o.

Moreover, company has no plans of changing their switch provider as Kolmisoft UAB has already gained their confidence.

Dragan Klapcic

IstraCom d.o.o

`We will continue with MOR!‘

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