Migration from cracked to the legal MOR license

Cracked License for Start-ups

I guess you are familiar with the fact that black market of the most softswitch/billing systems exists and it is possible to find many different posts in the VoIP forums offering solutions on extremely low rates. You can think that it increases the competition for a software developer, but personally we do not think it is worth fighting against it. Actually Kolmisoft sees it as an opportunity to spread news about the product itself.

Usually those companies who buy cracked versions do not have enough money and are either startups or very small companies trying to establish their VoIP operations. Their decision is determined mainly by price. If level of their operations does not increase a lot, they can even run a normal business, but issues begin if their business starts growing and they want to become more successful.

How would you personally treat your suppliers if you knew that they have illegal software and maybe even illegal business? I guess this does not add a lot of credibility for them, does it? So here is one of the cases when one of Kolmisoft current clients decided to make a change.

Most of the startup companies which have some of technical knowledge began their business using open source applications like Asterisk and FreePBX. Once business began growing and they had around 50 concurrent calls during the peak, they started to feel a lot of limitations preventing them from expanding the business.  Lack of features and flexibility was like a stick in the wheels, stopping them from attracting new clients whose needs were higher than the open source system could meet. Due to this fact they started to search for more advanced solution and were recommended by a friend to evaluate MOR. After the demo of a product it was pretty clear that now they have a suitable system to grow their business. But company has decided to try another way and buy a cracked version instead.

Challenge to expand the business

2 months has passed since the purchase of cracked MOR and company started to feel insecure about their clients. They did not know when a system can stop, they did not have any contract or guarantees about the system‘s reliability, there was no professional support and moreover it was impossible to improve the system by adding more features as upgrades were not applied to the cracked version. We did not have to wait long to re-connect and discuss the major business problems. Client came knowing what he is buying and that each cent invested will bring few times bigger return in just few months. They have learned from their mistakes and are happy about the decision which brought them more safety, higher support level and flexibility in terms of new features and upgrades.


Do you still in doubt whether to buy a cracked or legal license? Read more about illegal MOR license and ask yourself, would you like to feel unsafe? Does it worth saving money and risking the reputation of your business?

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