One-man company which produced 976 thousand EUR profit from VoIP services

Company’s background

If you ask any company offering VoIP services what is their #1 challenge, most of them would say making maximum profit with minimum financial and human resources.

One of the Kolmisoft clients who provided ICT services decided to start making money from VoIP. This case study is about one-man company which produced 976 thousand EUR profit from VoIP services spending just 1 hour per day on a system management.


Company was working in a telecom industry for 20 years when decided to take an opportunity to start a new business model and enter VoIP market.

Since then Sip City had tried plenty of various switches although some of them were more or less suitable they all had one thing in common – they required hiring a technician to manage it. This caused additional expenses and less control of the business.

“My personal opinion is that the other switches are time and money-wasting” commented Luciano Favilla owner of Sip City

Solution to a problem

Then he came across MOR Softswitch. After a pilot project Luciano realized that it is possible to spend just 1 hour per day on system management concentrating all other time and energy on his core business with customers and suppliers.

“I can change LCR in few seconds, even in the car, because I do not have to write command strings.” added Luciano


Luciano became able to do interconnections,invoicing and control traffic all by himself. No hiring special technician. No headache.

With MOR Sip City got not only stability but user-friendly management, fast and skilled assistance.


In April 2012, after working with Kolmisoft for 4 years, he started a one-man company doing wholesale VoIP. He ended a year with 11,506,440 minutes, producing on his own 1 million EUR profit just in 8 months.


Sip City I.T.

Luciano Favilla

Tel:  +39 3351290135

Fax: +39 06 9933 5339