Solution which can help to prevent business from huge money losses during VoIP hackers attack

The idea to publish this case study came after an incident happened with one of Kolmisoft customers.

In July, 2010 MOR 9 Softswitch was released with a newly added Monitorings add-on. As Internet was full of information about VoIP hackers, who are scanning SIP servers and making attacks on various VoIP devices the solution was developed to protect Kolmisoft clients by increasing an overall system security.

There were many questions about the particular add-on. One of the clients was interested in it but was very unhappy about its price. Despite the value it can bring and possible losses it can prevent generally without a personal experience of potential threat it was hard to imagine how beneficial this add-on is.

Few weeks passed since that conversation when suddenly a report from the mentioned above company was received telling that their clients were hacked and money losses were approximately 1000 EUR in hour till necessary changes were done to block an attacker.

As a result Kolmisoft experienced an unusual situation. Instead of offering its products and services it was asked to sell product as fast as possible thus preventing company from the future money losses.


So what’s the lesson of this story?

Each product and service solves some of the business problems by creating a specific value. When you choose a product means you actually are experiencing at least one problem without even notice that.

In this case the initial problem was very little as company thought about possible outcomes (most probably read about it or experienced small loss earlier), but “pain” of this “possible future outcome” was not so strong until they have experienced the real loss.  Price they paid for the loss was two times bigger than product costs which would prevent the losses if only they had made a positive decision earlier.

So the earlier you understand this, the bigger chance that you will avoid negative consequences in the future. Instead you could convert this into competitive advantage and attract new clients who will run from your competitor who has refused to invest and saved on the clients’ security.

Are you sure that your clients are secure enough?

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