Solution for expanding service range to retail and wholesale telecom businesses

Company profile

Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l., established in 2003 and is an Italian based company which concentrates on design and the implementation of integrated systems and solutions in the telecommunications sector.

Company offers its highly valued expertise to the IT and ICT sector: consulting, design, installation, operation and maintenance of network infrastructure and certified training in specialized courses.


Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. needed a solution to expand a service range to retail and wholesale VoIP.


Solution to a problem

The target audience of Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. is small and medium-sized enterprises, system integrators, ISPs, corporate dealers, VARs, end users and government agencies. In order to expand its service range and provide value-added services to its clients, company decided to provide VoIP services for both retail and wholesale markets.

In order to meet its needs, Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. has chosen Kolmisoft Hosted MOR. This plan allowed the company to concentrate on the business process instead of technical details (installing, configuring and managing its own infrastructure). It also allowed to start a new business direction with minimal time and investment.

MOR Solution

1.5 year using Hosted MOR, later acquiring own MOR license with SMS and MNP (mobile number portability) add-ons


Return On Investment (ROI) in 3 months (starting with retail users). Company expanded their service range to retail and wholesale VoIP also added value to its services (Virtual PBX).

Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. started from zero by finding new customers among its existing clients. Initially, company noticed that besides the delivery of VoIP and DID services, they can also successfully deliver additional value-added services – like virtual PBX. They also learned that the target audience increased from retail to wholesale clients who received a full package for their business from a single supplier.

The project was considered a successful as Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. received a ROI in just 3 months after starting the services. At later stages company expanded its business quite a lot and decided to move to its own infrastructure. To accomplish this, they have chosen MOR with SMS and MNP (mobile number portability) add-ons which enabled them to add a local database with ported mobile numbers and to provide additional services to their clients – SMS. Furthermore, since one of the business directions was a virtual PBX, Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. made a decision to implement a new feature for its clients – Ring Groups which enabled its clients to gain functionality when all or a group of extensions ring after dialing a special DID number.


Partnership between Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. and Kolmisoft UAB brought success to both parties. By delivering a proper solution with high ROI and expanding the service range for Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l., Kolmisoft also increased the value of its own product MOR by adding new functionality and possibilities for its clients in its provision of the Virtual PBX services for B2B market.


Kolmisoft UAB is a European Union based company, specializing in delivering professional telecommunications solutions worldwide covering such business models as: