Solution for starting wholesale business with own softswitch


Media Mobile S.p.A is an international Wholesale / Retail VoIP Service Provider founded in 2004. The company is a leading service provider of high quality telecommunication services. The company which offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and business enterprises around the world to initiate telecom business or to expand an existing one. With headquarters in Italy and direct termination partners located worldwide, Media Mobile S.p.A collaborates with number of carriers to assure its clients high quality termination.


Kolmisoft UAB is the European Union based company, specialized in delivering professional telecommunications solutions worldwide covering such business models as:


Media Mobile S.p.A. grew to the point when being other provider’s reseller was not efficient anymore and wanted to migrate to their own switch with direct support so the business could keep expanding. Continuation of the previous solution would have limited the company‘s grown both from technical and financial sides.


As the company was moving to its own platform, the support was a crucial part of services needed. Kolmisoft provided Media Mobile S.p.A. with Hosted Gold solution with Platinum support plan. Not only this allowed them to avoid all the technical issues as Kolmisoft UAB took care of the hardware, but also they could focus directly on business side, as the Platinum support allowed them to have all the configurations done by Kolmisoft UAB technical team. In just 2 months Media Mobile S.p.A. downgraded the support plan to Gold as the necessary experience had been gained until then. The company has been using this solution until now.


The main goal of Kolmisoft UAB was to help the new partners reach the average net profit of 40.000 – 60.000 USD per year. This objective was achieved within a year. The partnership brought benefits for both parties. Media Mobile S.p.A. achieved quick business growth whereas Kolmisoft UAB gained new valued partner. According to the Commercial Manager of Media Mobile S.p.A., Mr. Asif Shaikh, when someone suggested him to try out MOR, he was a bit curious and was wondering whether the company should go for it or not. In the end, the decision to go for it gave him the positive impression and it helped to achieve the company great results as well. Currently Media Mobile S.p.A. is planning even bigger business growth by increasing their solution from the technical side which will allow them to expand their business globally.