Solution for successful calling card business start and its’ management

Company profile

Ireland-Based Company focuses on providing high quality international retail voice services to a number of European Countries.



Company needed a full solution to start and later successfully manage a calling cards business.

Solution to a problem

Experienced in the telecom market (especially in calling cards) CEO of an Ireland-Based Company has not only a great knowledge but also skills of marketing and selling both in local and international markets.  This factor encouraged him to search for a solution to start his own calling cards business which is one of the most common business models in the VoIP (voice over IP) industry.

The essence of the calling cards business model is to creatively segment customers by various demographic or behavioural characteristics also designing calling cards offers to meet their specific calling needs.

MOR Solution

CEO of an Ireland-Based Company chose Kolmisoft as his supplier for the calling cards solution. Specifically Turnkey solution (Hosted MOR) was selected to meet all the requirements mentioned above. It is a full solution, hosted on Kolmisoft servers so there is no need to any additional equipment on customer premises.


Return On Investment (ROI) in 1 month. Average 4500 calling cards sold per month after 3 months. This amount increased 4 times after 6 months.

Soon after acquiring a full solution for the calling card business (Hosted MOR with calling card and reseller functionality), Ireland- Based Company launched its competitive calling cards to the market and managed to achieve ROI in a single month!

Asked what factors have determined such a fast return of money invested, the CEO of an Ireland-Based Company emphasized a well-prepared business plan, target-oriented marketing, active sales and a good offer from Kolmisoft, which allowed the company to pay for two months in advance and get three for the same price. All this enabled Ireland-Based Company to enter the market with a minimal investment and get return instantly which was later invested back into the business.

Having a full solution let Ireland-Based Company to concentrate on its main business processes: marketing and calling cards sales. The possibility to create its own resellers allowed Ireland-Based Company to build a strong retail distribution channel which led to large company growth – in six months, Ireland-Based Company was selling 18,000 calling cards per month – four times more than after three months! Furthermore, by using extensive reporting functionality in MOR system, they were able to analyze and track their clients’ behaviour which helped to understand clients’ needs much better. Such possibility allowed a very good preparation of specific calling card groups which totally matched clients’ requirements thus leading to the increased loyalty of Ireland-Based Company products.


Partnership between Ireland-Based Company and Kolmisoft UAB brought success to both parties. By delivering a proper solution with high ROI and expanding the service range for Ireland-Based Company, Kolmisoft also increased the value of its own product MOR by adding new functionality for the calling cards business model. This helped Ireland-Based Company to respond quickly and be flexible with a rapidly changing market needs and to increase a competitive advantage by introducing new products and adding value to the existing ones.


About Kolmisoft

Kolmisoft UAB is a European Union based company, specializing in delivering professional telecommunications solutions worldwide covering such business models as: