Kamailio SIP Server Billing Solution

Supercharge your Kamailio SIP Server by adding extended billing functionality to it!

Bill your Kamailio SIP Server calls in real-time, either prepaid or postpaid

Bill incoming DID numbers

Get exact Call Data Records (CDRs) for calls to and from the Kamailio

Create flat-rate volume discount plans for customer satisfaction

Bill for separate lines, phone rent, consulting hours, etc

Accept PayPal payments for your invoices

Generate and send invoices for your services

Get detailed Reports on which destinations are the most popular, who calls the most, etc

Connect several voice traffic providers and load-balance outgoing calls for the best price/quality

Limit the calls based on balance/credit or destination country

Control the callers when and where they could call

Send warning balance notifications when the balance gets low, to avoid service interruption

Integrate billing over API with your other services

MOR Class 5 Softswitch provides all this functionality and much much more

It can be installed in your network and connected to your Kamailio SIP Server, to provide extensive billing capabilities

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