Monitorings add-on is an optional MOR feature. It protects you from high money losses by blocking suspicious users on various activity and informing administrators about it.

It also allows admin and resellers to spy their user calls on real-time. Moreover it is possible to see leg A and leg B codecs used and post-dial delay in Active calls.

Monitoring add-on crawls MOR database and counts user’s call price sum over specified period. If this sum over specified period will be higher or lower than the specified amount in monitoring – an action will be taken. Possible actions are:

  • Only notify admin (no action is taken against user)
  • Block user (user is automatically blocked, no notification is sent to admin)
  • Block user and send notification for admin

You can create differently configured monitorings for:

  • All users
  • Postpaid users
  • Prepaid users
  • 1 user (separate monitorings for each user, also called personal monitorings)

If you have any questions regarding Monitoring add-on, contact us.