VoIP Billing

MOR Class 5 Softswitch Billing

The scope of functionality related to billing operations gives the system owner a set of useful tools to facilitate management of partner rates, dialcodes and currencies.

Instruments included into the package are the following:

  • Flexible rate import tool allows importing of vendor ratesheets with the necessary adjustments
  • Rate export tool lets the system owner converting rates from the database into CSV file which is easy to import to any other system
  • Multiple currencies are supported (manual/online exchange rate updates possible)
  • Customizable billing increments
  • A powerful prepaid or post-paid rating engine with credit control and a quick rerating capability. All relevant rate details supported: multiple pricing levels (peak/offpeak/special), various billing increments, etc.
  • Realtime
  • Postpaid/Prepaid billing
  • Concurrent calls for users
  • Unlimited devices for users
  • Providers
  • Provider rules
  • User tariffs
  • Day setup
  • Directions/Direction groups
  • DID support
  • DID billing
  • CDR rerating
  • Credit control
  • Custom rates

Throughout capacity:

Modular architecture of the billing engine allowing almost unlimited throughput capacity of the system depending on the allocated hardware resources only.

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