VoIP Reporting

The set of tools for the commercial department is aimed at sales managers and other members of the commercial team of a wholesale carrier.



  • Traffic reporting for calls
  • Charts reports for concurrent calls, call duration and ASR
  • Sales reports for payments, cost, and revenue
  • Users reports with full CDR
  • Statistical reports based on routes, clients, providers, time, etc
  • Export to .pdf or .csv formats
  • Flexible Summary/Aggregate reports
  • Sales, Payments Reports
  • PDF Invoice export
  • Profit/Loss Reports
  • Reports by Call Hangup Cause, Destinations

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Active Calls (Connected/Ringing)
  • Softswitch status
  • User Activity
  • Detailed SIP logs
  • Real-Time Alerts for various situations
  • CPU/RAM utilization, hard disk real-time monitoring
  • Services monitoring
  • Dynamic Provider Quality Deviations from baseline Provider

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