The MOR Call Shop Solution allows you to run your own Call Shop business model. Call Shop is a place where customers can make long-distance and international telephone calls cheaper.

Who is this solution designed for?

  • Business-to-Business service providers aiming to supply services to Call Shop operators, who do not have the resources to buy their own system.
  • Termination/origination service provider who aims to attract more clients by bundling termination/origination services with free or inexpensive hosted Call Shop billing services.
  • High-scale VoIP service providers who plan to launch a large Call Shop chain in different geographic locations can take a full advantage of the robustness and multi-functionality of the billing server.
  • High-scale Call Shop chain owners  who wish to migrate to a more scalable billing system.


What is necessary to implement this?

MOR with Call shop add-on. It is a full solution, hosted on Kolmisoft servers so you do not need any additional equipment on your premises.


If you would like to start:

You can test how Call Shop Solution works, please contact us.