The MOR Call Shop Solution allows you to run your own Call Shop business model.

Call Shops are physical locations where people visit to make long distance and international calls at low prices.  They get billed as per their usage for different destinations while the billing counter monitors the entire call shop set up. VoIP providers can make potential business opportunities out of Call Shop module in MOR Class 5 Softswitch as it gives them complete control on Call Shop users.

A customer can make calls using one of the existing accounts (usually they are preconfigured on a PC softphone or on hardware phones) and when finished he pays at a cash desk where a clerk checks the total sum on the web and bills the customer.


Who is this solution designed for?

  • Business-to-Business service providers aiming to supply services to Call Shop operators, who do not have the resources to buy their own system.
  • Termination/origination service provider who aims to attract more clients by bundling termination/origination services with free or inexpensive hosted Call Shop billing services.
  • High-scale VoIP service providers who plan to launch a large Call Shop chain in different geographic locations can take full advantage of the robustness and multi-functionality of the billing server.
  • High-scale Call Shop chain owners who wish to migrate to a more scalable billing system.


Main Features:

  • Operator accounts with limited privileges
  • Admin accounts with full rights
  • Booths/Cabins creation
  • Rate plans management
  • Profit & Loss reports
  • Real-time active calls visual representation with associated cost and duration
  • Detailed calls history records
  • Auto invoicing
  • Multi-language support
  • Works with any SIP device or softphone


What is necessary to implement this?

MOR with Call shop add-on. It is a full solution, hosted on Kolmisoft servers so you do not need any additional equipment on your premises. Installation on your servers is also possible.


If you would like to start:

You can test how Call Shop Solution works, please contact us.