Pilot Project - a complete solution which includes product, support, training, consultations and overall assistance to achieve positive results easier and faster

Kolmisoft Pilot Project Case Study:

Usually companies fail to fully evaluate product suitability during the testing/demo period. 

Pilot project is a unique opportunity to try advanced billing and routing system MOR with a complete functionality thus reducing risk of making a wrong decision about the platform suitability.

One-man company which produced 976 thousand EUR profit from VoIP services

Sip City Case study:

If you ask any company offering VoIP services what is their #1 challenge, most of them would say making maximum profit with minimum financial and human resources.

This case study is about one-man company which produced 976 thousand EUR profit from VoIP services spending just 1 hour per day on a system management.

Delivering next-generation visual monitoring capabilities to VoIP carriers and service providers


LUCA Technology GmbH Case study:

Luca Technology had problems with their statistics monitoring and generating invoices. This case study is an example of the situation when two companies bundle is a great decision wich solves  main customer challenges at once. 

Benefits to the VoIP business of flexible LCR features

IstraCom d.o.o. Case Study:

IstraCom d.o.o. had problems related to the redundancy before they started using Kolmisoft services. This case study is an example of the situation when the possibility to have several providers and flexible LCR features is crucial for the business.

Migration from cracked to the legal MOR license

Kolmisoft Case Study:

It is a fact that black market is full of the softswitch/billing systems with a possibility to find many different posts in the VoIP forums offering solutions on extremely low rates. 

Do you still in doubt whether to buy a cracked or legal license? 

Solution which can help to prevent business from huge money losses during VoIP hackers attack

Monitorings add-on Case Study:

In July, 2010 MOR 9 Softswitch was released with a newly added Monitorings add-on. As Internet was full of information about VoIP hackers, who are scanning SIP servers and making attacks on various VoIP devices the solution was developed to protect Kolmisoft clients by increasing an overall system security. 

Solution for starting wholesale business with own softswitch

Media Mobile S.p.A. Case Study:

Media Mobile S.p.A. grew to the point when being other provider’s reseller was not efficient anymore and wanted to migrate to their own switch with direct support so the business could keep expanding. Continuation of the previous solution would have limited the company‘s growth.

Solution for expanding service range to retail and wholesale telecom businesses

Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. Case Study:

A Company Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l. which concentrates on design and the implementation of integrated systems and solutions in the telecommunications sector needed a solution for expanding service range to retail and wholesale telecom business.

Kolmisoft Hosted MOR was chosen with a result of Return On Investment (ROI) in 3 months (starting with retail users). Company expanded their service range to retail and wholesale VoIP also added value to its services (Virtual PBX).

Solution for successful calling card business start and its' management

Ireland-Based Company Case Study: 

Ireland-Based Company which focuses on providing high quality international retail voice services to a number of European Countries needed a solution to start and manage a successful calling cards business.

Kolmisoft Turnkey solution (Hosted MOR) was selected with a result of Return On Investment (ROI) in 1 month. Average 4500 calling cards sold per month after 3 months. This amount increased 4 times after 6 months. Soon after acquiring a full solution for the calling card business (Hosted MOR with calling card and reseller functionality), Ireland- Based Company launched its competitive calling cards to the market and managed to achieve ROI in a single month!