Are you using A2Billing?

Meet MOR, the A2Billing alternative for VoIP providers that want a more powerful

and reliable Class 5 Softswitch to manage VoIP billing and routing

more efficiently.


Technical Support

MOR A2Billing
Technical support is included for all Kolmisoft clients who use a rental or hosted subscription or have a Yearly Service Plan. The average response time during working hours is 15-20 minutes. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues. The platform is no longer supported. You can either submit your questions in VoIP forums or hire freelancers for technical assistance.


Updates and Upgrades

MOR A2Billing
MOR is constantly being improved – new MOR versions are released 1-2 times per year. New versions of A2Billing are no longer being released.


Bug Fixing

MOR A2Billing
Bug fixing is possible within the same version or by upgrading to a newer version. Bug fixing is no longer available.



MOR A2Billing
Documentation is constantly updated. Documentation is available here. Documentation is no longer updated.


Installation, Setup, and Maintenance

MOR A2Billing
You may choose Hosted MOR, where the Kolmisoft team takes care of the hardware, or you may use your own server and prepare it according to our instructions. MOR installation is completed by our team within 1-2 working days. We will help you with the initial system support and will provide ongoing support if there are any challenges. The system is difficult to install, set up, and maintain. Moreover, A2Billing requires a lot of attention, which is very time consuming and causes headaches for anyone who has to use it daily.



MOR A2Billing
MOR has a flexible routing and supports the following modes:

A2Billing has limited routing modes:

  • LCR (Least Cost Routing) that favors the route for the call that is cheapest for you
  • LCD (Least Cost Dialing) that favors the route for the call that is the cheapest for the customer

The failover LCR does not work properly.



MOR A2Billing
Invoicing is done easily in MOR with a click of two buttons: “Generate Invoices” and “Send Invoices by Email.” Invoicing in A2Billing takes time. It is a complicated process that needs to be done manually.


Tariff Management (Buying and Selling Rates)

MOR A2Billing
You can easily upload buying rates to MOR and create selling rates for your clients by adding a percentage or a fixed value. If you get regular rate updates, you can automate this process by using Automatic Tariff Import and Rate Notifications functionality. Tariff management is complicated. Buying and selling rates are bundled into one tariff and it is very hard to work with the logic. It is also hard to manage rate updates from providers and handle price lists.



MOR A2Billing
MOR can handle up to 500 concurrent calls in ideal conditions (no extensive GUI usage and no transcoding). This number can be increased with a multi-server solution. A2Billing can work with approximately 120 simultaneous calls. This number can be increased with additional Asterisk servers.


API Integration

MOR A2Billing
MOR has an extensive API and the list of API capabilities is extended in each version. As a result, you can easily integrate MOR with your CRM, website, payment gateways, mobile apps, accounting software, and other third-party systems. The API for A2Billing is limited and is no longer updated.



MOR A2Billing
Kolmisoft uses Fail2Ban, which protects MOR against brute force attacks and suspicious activity. MOR also allows you to easily block IPs and entire countries. You may also configure Alerts that will help you prevent various hacking attempts, even if the hacker tries to attack your client. Read more about how to be secure using MOR . Star2Billing states on their website that whenever they do installations of A2Billing, they see attacks via SIP occurring within a few minutes of installation, probing for access.

The sad truth is that A2Billing is highly vulnerable, with some security holes that are well known to VoIP hackers. If you aren‘t aware of them, you can be hacked within minutes of opening your system to the public internet.

Other Challenges with A2Billing

We often receive emails from people who are looking to replace A2Billing. We always ask what challenges they experience with their system and why they want to replace it. Here are the most common problems with A2Billing that they tell us about:

  • You can’t create and activate/deactivate discounts for your clients.
  • Customers cannot export their CDRs for analysis.
  • A callback is not working properly and calls back two times instead of one.
  • If a customer has several DIDs, it is not possible to choose CallerID randomly within the customer‘s range of numbers.
  • Sometimes voice prompts do not play and voicemail isn’t sent by email.
  • Sometimes billing is not done properly: for example, when call forwarding, clients are not billed.
  • Important statistics are missing (cannot see destinations, daily turnover, user consumption). If you can’t track the needed metrics, you can’t control your VoIP business properly.
  • There’s an issue with call profitability reports and rate import/export.
  • Old features were wiped out after a system upgrade. For example, the monthly summary per customer per destination country disappeared in the new releases.
  • Creating invoices in A2Billing takes too much time. It is a very complicated process and needs to be done manually. Moreover, clients want to get CDRs by email, but the system doesn’t have this feature. Users also miss the payment gateway options because payments need to be added by hand, a very time-consuming process.
  • Complicated tariff management. Buying and selling rates are together in one tariff and it is very hard to work with such logic. It‘s hard to manage rate updates from providers. Handling the price list is often a nightmare.
  • The company must manage two separate accounts: one to sell DIDs (on the company website) and another to manually add payments. Clients order services (DIDs) on one system (the company website) and then the company has to manually provision it (i.e., transfer the credit to another account) on A2Billing. This is inefficient.


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