Pilot Project – a complete solution which includes product, support, training, consultations and overall assistance to achieve positive results easier and faster


Pilot Project allows you to evaluate a complete solution which includes product, support, training, consultations and overall assistance to achieve positive results easier and faster. This project is dedicated to those who value their time and prefer to make sure system covers their business needs and allows getting most of it.


Usually companies fail to fully evaluate product suitability during the testing/demo period due to the lack of time and other more prioritized activities.

Another thing is that when testing is free people automatically underestimate the value it can bring. And when customers are obligated to pay a symbolic fee they see a value in it, looking for a good outcome, pay more attention to the process thus ensuring final success.

Solution to a problem

Kolmisoft offers a Pilot Project. It is unique opportunity to try our advanced billing and routing system MOR with a complete functionality (including all the possible add-ons) on your own server or on Kolmisoft’s one. The price is 300 USD for 2 months of testing and you will get a full solution and cooperation.

This option reduces your risk of making a wrong decision about the platform suitability and it includes:

You will try all the functionality we can offer and see what is the most suitable exactly for your business. In the end you will be able to get a useful feedback from your team members and clients about their satisfaction on working with MOR Softswitch before actually launching a production.


All the customers who started using pilot project needed to set the success criteria first. Below are the customers goals which were reached making a project successful.

Generally the success of pilot project can be measured by clients ability to successfully run their business with MOR solution. Covering all aspects of the typical day to day operations and reliability in the system.


Pilot Project became a very popular option for Kolmisoft customers recently. The number reached 80 projects already and it still increases! More than half of them in 1-2 months became Kolmisoft customers.

There is a Luca Technology case study Kolmisoft customer who also start their business from Pilot Project and eventually purchased MOR.

Niels Michael Nielsen, Nimisia PTE LTD about Kolmisoft and Pilot Project:

“Overall we have been very happy with your support and quick response time. MOR is overall good product for the products we will market. For now I do not have much suggestions for improvements – your service has been very good, fast and your team has been able to help with all our questions – so everything is fine. The pilot project has been a success and we will continue with Kolmisoft.”

Get 100% guarantee about Kolmisoft solutions’ suitability for your business!