Are you using Digitalk SBC?

Meet M4 SBC, the Digitalk SBC alternative for VoIP providers requiring a more affordable and user-friendly on-premise platform with advanced billing, routing, and reporting features to manage VoIP business efficiently.

Company focus

Kolmisoft Digitalk
Kolmisoft focuses on a narrow niche: the development of MOR and M4 softswitches with in-built billing and routing functionality for small and mid-sized retail and wholesale providers that offer (or want to offer) VoIP services.

This focus helps us cut distractions, develop stable and powerful softswitches, and maintain high-level technical support.

The pricing is affordable for small and mid-sized providers. It is based on the number of concurrent calls and you are not limited in a traffic volume (minutes). The pricing starts at €315 EUR/month ($400 USD/month).

Digitalk offers a complete MVNE as a service platform for MVNOs and MNOs and Carrier Cloud platform for wholesale voice operators. Smaller providers might not be able to afford Digitalk.

There is fixed monthly pricing + an additional per-minute fee if you exceed a certain amount of minutes.

Digitalk SBC costs around €3000 EUR/month ($3396 USD/month) and if you exceed 18 million minutes per month, and you must pay €0.005 EUR/minute / $0.00566 USD/minute (if you terminate calls outside Digitalk network) or €0.0025 EUR/minute / $0.00283 USD/minute (if you terminate calls inside Digitalk network) fee for each additional minute.


User Authentication

M4 SBC Digitalk SBC
IP authentication is a standard method in voice wholesale business, whereas username/password authentication is mandatory to serve a broader audience. M4 supports both username/password and IP authentication. Digitalk supports only IP authentication, so you can’t use it if your clients require username/password authentication.


On-premise vs Cloud vs Hosted

M4 SBC Digitalk SBC
M4 is available on-premise (installation is done on your server) and as a hosted platform (Kolmisoft provides M4, installed on dedicated servers). This gives you more flexibility and more control. Digitalk provides only a cloud platform, which means that you can’t install it on-premise. This way, you don’t have any control over the infrastructure and its location.

Wondering where to start?

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