Are you using MagnusBilling?

Meet MOR, the Magnus Billing alternative for VoIP providers that want a more powerful

and reliable Class 5 Softswitch to manage VoIP billing and routing

more efficiently.


Technical Support

Kolmisoft MagnusBilling
The average response time during working hours is 15-20 minutes. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues. MagnusBilling is officially maintained by Magnus Solution, which offers professional support for those who need assistance.

Hangup Cause Codes

Kolmisoft MagnusBilling
The Hangup Cause Codes are very detailed and you can change from one code to another if needed (M4 Disconnect Code Change). There are challenges with the error code received is 486 cause code (error code)


Kolmisoft MagnusBilling
Documentation is constantly updated. Documentation is available here. Documentation is available at


Installation, Setup, and Maintenance

Kolmisoft MagnusBilling
MOR runs on CentOS 7. We will help you with the system installation, configurations and will provide ongoing support if there are any challenges. To install MagnusBilling, you need a server with DEBIAN 11 or CentOS 7, 64 bit minimal installation. Recommended DEBIAN 11


Wondering where to start?

Here are some useful resources:


Ready to try MOR seriously?

Sign up for the Pilot project and you‘ll get:

  • Installation on your server or on Kolmisoft dedicated servers
  • Technical support and assistance with configurations
  • Fully functional MOR system with the complete feature set

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