Are you using PortaOne?

Meet MOR, the PortaOne alternative for VoIP providers requiring a more affordable and easy-to-use Class 5 Softswitch to manage voice business more efficiently.



MOR PortaOne
MOR is designed for small and medium-sized VoIP providers that need a robust Class 5 Softswitch, with billing and routing functions at a fair price. PortaOne is designed for telecom service providers that can allocate comparably higher budgets to their Softswitch infrastructure.



Architecture and Implementations

MOR PortaOne
You can get started with MOR by using a single server solution, where all elements (core, GUI, and DB) are located in one place. This makes the system easy to manage, and you can get going quickly. Once your voice traffic volume increases, you can easily scale your infrastructure. PortaOne’s main product is PortaSwitch, which has two main components: PortaBilling (BSS and OCS) and PortaSIP (class 4/5 Softswitch and SBC).

The installation of PortaBilling requires several Linux servers.



MOR PortaOne
MOR installation can be done both on your server and on a dedicated server, hosted by Kolmisoft. You have full control over the server redundancy and the complete system belongs only to you. There are no shared servers or partitions. A few third-party providers, such as and Telinta, offer a PortaOne partition on their servers.



MOR PortaOne
MOR has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform is simple and easy to use, and you can learn the configuration basics very quickly. This saves you time and improves the user experience, especially when training new staff. PortaOne has an advanced administrator’s interface.

Recordings on External Server

MOR PortaOne
You can use an external server to store the recordings You can store recordings only on the same server.

Asterisk CLI

MOR PortaOne
MOR is based on Asterisk, so configuration is more convenient for those who have previous experience with Asterisk. PortaOne doesn’t use Asterisk, so it’s more complicated to understand the architecture and find the needed configuration files.

Voice Broadcasting

MOR PortaOne
MOR has an Auto Dialer add-on that enables you to provide a voice broadcasting service. PortaOne doesn’t support voice broadcasting functionality.

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