Are you using MediaCore SBC (Speedflow)?

Meet MOR, the MediaCore SBC alternative for VoIP providers that need retail and wholesale functionality in a single softswitch.


Company focus

Kolmisoft Speedflow
Kolmisoft focuses on a narrow niche: the development of MOR and M4 softswitches with in-built billing and routing functionality. This focus helps us cut distractions, develop stable and powerful softswitches, and maintain a high-level technical support. Speedflow is a group of companies that has a wide range of products: MediaCore SBC (Wholesale Softswitch), MediaCore SMS (SMS hubbing and bulk SMS platform), AccuCore ERP and AdCharge advertising platform. Moreover, they sell telecom services (wholesale voice termination and SMS), offer mobile and web development, advertising, and affiliate services. In 2019, Speedflow entered the publishing business. Maintenance of multiple products and services doesn’t allow them to focus on a narrow niche.

Class 5 Softswitch

Kolmisoft Speedflow
Kolmisoft has both Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches. MOR is a Class 5 Softswitch that can be used for the following services: retail and wholesale, SIP trunking, selling DID numbers, Resellers, Virtual PBX, and voice termination through GoIP/VoIP-GSM gateways. M4 SBC is a Class 4 Softswitch for wholesale transit and selling voice traffic to call centers. Speedflow used to have a Class 5 Softswitch CallMax, but it was decided to remove it from Speedflow’s product range. Now the company has only a Class 4 Softswitch – MediaCore SBC.

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