Are you using Streamco Smartswitch?

Meet MOR, the Streamco Smartswitch alternative for VoIP providers that want a more robust

and reliable Class 4/5 Softswitch to manage VoIP billing and routing

more efficiently.


Company Location

Kolmisoft Streamco
Kolmisoft is located in Lithuanian (European Union). Streamco is located in Ukraine.

The Core of The Platform

Kolmisoft Streamco
Kolmisoft provides two products: MOR which is based on Asterisk and M4 SBC which is based on Kamailio, SEMS and RTPEngine. See how MOR compares to M4 SBC here. Streamco provides a hybrid Class 4/5 solution Smartswitch that is based on Asterisk.

Technical Support

Kolmisoft Streamco
The average response time during working hours is 15-20 minutes. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues. Technical support is provided by 5 professional support engineers. The Smartswitch platform is supported by one or two people, so you should expect a very fast response during a busy day.


Kolmisoft Streamco
Documentation is constantly updated. Its internal search works very fast and you can easily find any answer. Documentation is available here. Documentation is not complete and isn’t updated. Quite often you need to contact support to find an answer.

Wondering where to start?

Here are some useful resources: