Are you using VoipSwitch?

Meet MOR, the VoipSwitch alternative for VoIP providers needing a more reliable and secure Class 5 Softswitch with faster and more professional technical support


Reliability and Stability

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR is a stable and reliable Linux-based softswitch. You might also want to use a high-availability / redundant solution to perform an automatic backup if your main server fails. If there’s an emergency issue, Kolmisoft Support will react to it on average in 15-20 minutes. Because it is a Windows-based softswitch, VoipSwitch lacks reliability and stability. The system has frequent hang-ups, which result in downtime, accidents, and even loss of your reputation. If you have a higher call volume, some processes can get stuck and you will need to perform constant system reboots, which might cause sleepless nights for your technical team. Servers have frequent database problems and runtime errors, resulting in frequent call drops and call-log errors. Due to its limited capacity, the server sometimes freezes, which can cause billing disputes with customers and carriers.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

The biggest issue with this software is that it does not run as a Windows service. This causes many issues and shows that it is poorly written. This means that the software runs as a Windows user and you cannot log that user out or all calls stop! 

Many times, staff have connected to the server remotely and have shutdown the software by mistake when they have finished their work.


Technical Support and Response Time

MOR VoipSwitch
The average response time of Kolmisoft Support during working hours is 15-20 minutes. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues. The support team isn’t very efficient or responsive. Sometimes you need to wait 1-2 days to get a response.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

You must log a support ticket via their portal prior to getting support. There is not a number to call to get support.

After paying for the installation and configuration of specific architecture they recommended for database redundancy, they now claim that the architecture of the system they installed is not supported.


Tariff Management (Buying and Selling Rates)

MOR VoipSwitch
You can easily upload buying rates to MOR and create selling rates for your clients by adding a percentage or a fixed value. If you get regular rate updates, you can automate this process by using Automatic Tariff Import and Rate Notifications functionality. Tariff management is complicated. Buying and selling rates are bundled into one tariff and it is very hard to work with the logic. It is also hard to manage rate updates from providers and handle price lists.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

There is some useable tariff management but there are many limitations. You cannot charge for a number that is redirected/forwarded to another number as the calls do not pass through the billing engine.

It is difficult to understand the logic of their plans and tariffs.



MOR VoipSwitch
MOR has a flexible routing and supports the following modes:

VoipSwitch offers basic routing modes, but doesn’t support routing by CallerID (important for those who work in the EU market) or routing by quality.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

This is one thing that VoipSwitch does well. Setting up and configuring the Dial plan and Routing calls by Price (LCR), Priority, percent, destination are all possible. However, there is no routing based on quality or CallerID.


Performance and Scalability

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR can handle up to 2,000 simultaneous calls in a multi-server environment under ideal conditions (without extensive GUI usage or transcoding). VoipSwitch can handle up to 1,000 simultaneous calls in a multi-server environment. If you need a higher volume, the system won’t be able to handle your load.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

Yes. We have only tested to 700 concurrent calls and our servers struggled.

API Integration

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR has an extensive API and its list of API capabilities is expanded in each version. As a result, you can easily integrate MOR with your CRM, website, payment gateways, mobile apps, accounting software, and other third-party systems. VoipSwitch’s API is limited. As a result, you may not have the flexibility to integrate it with third-party systems and applications.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

The API is practically non-existent. There is no API for CRM integration, provisioning, accounting software and other third-party systems.



MOR VoipSwitch
Kolmisoft uses Fail2Ban, which protects MOR against brute force attacks and suspicious activity. MOR also allows you to easily block IPs and entire countries. You may also configure Alerts that will help you prevent various hacking attempts, even if the hacker tries to attack your client. Read more about how to be secure using MOR . Windows-based softswitches are usually popular because of their operating system. This is why VoipSwitch is often attacked by hackers who are familiar with security holes and weaknesses in the system. If you aren‘t aware of these, you can be hacked within minutes of opening your system to the public internet.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

As VoipSwitch is run on Windows, you should not connect it to the public internet without a strong SBC.  

Windows servers need to be patched regularly and the architecture of VoipSwitch dictates that if you have more than one VoipSwitch server, all registrations will drop and reregister with another server.

Call Troubleshooting with PCAP

MOR VoipSwitch
PCAP is a valuable resource for file analysis and monitoring your voice traffic. Packet collection tools like Wireshark allow you to collect network traffic and translate it into a human-readable format. MOR has a Call Info feature that provides detailed info about calls, including Call Logs and downloadable PCAP files. VoipSwitch supports some basic call troubleshooting features, but doesn’t allow the downloading of PCAP files for more advanced troubleshooting.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

VoipSwitch does not capture any call trace or SIP session details. There is no Ladder diagram viewing, only a successful call log and failed call log

Quality Control

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR has Quality Routing, Monitorings Addon and supports the spy real-time calls feature for quality control. VoipSwitch does not support the spy real-time calls feature.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

No quality monitoring available at all with VoipSwitch

Load Balancing

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR supports the SIP Balancer, which distributes calls evenly to Asterisk servers depending on the load each server can handle. SIP Balancer allows you to create a scalable architecture—you can add or remove Asterisk servers at any time to increase or reduce your call capacity. It also offers simplicity: you will have one unique hostname or IP for your clients and providers. VoipSwitch does not support a load balancing feature. The only workaround is to use third-party products, for example a software or hardware load balancer or a DNS failover.


Additional feedback from the person who uses VoipSwitch:

Load balancing does not work well with VoipSwitch


Signaling Protocols

MOR VoipSwitch
MOR supports SIP, H323, and IAX2. The IAX2 protocol consumes less bandwidth compared to other protocols, so it can be used in regions where Internet services are very expensive. VoipSwitch supports only SIP.


MOR VoipSwitch
Transcoding is implemented in MOR by default in the basic license. Transcoding is not implemented in VoipSwitch by default. You need to buy the Transcoding server module.

Desktop and Mobile Dialers

MOR VoipSwitch
Kolmisoft does not provide desktop or mobile dialers. However, you can use any third-party desktop or mobile dialers. VoipSwitch provides VoIP softphones—mobile and desktop— and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) dialers. You can also use other third-party desktop or mobile dialers.

Other Challenges with VoipSwitch

We often receive emails from people who are looking to replace VoipSwitch. We always ask what challenges they are experiencing with their system and why they want to replace it. Here are the most common problems with VoipSwitch that they tell us about:

  • I like MOR because of the control panel. All of the other products I have tested, although they perform the core functions, were extremely ugly. It’s like they have not even bothered to think about the user experience. We tested VoipSwitch, but I didn’t like the interface—it’s almost impossible to navigate.
  • VoipSwitch is prone to errors with registrations and online payments. It is also easily hackable, so you need to keep your eyes open 24×7 on the server. It takes a lot of time and effort to do that.
  • If there is a debug error, I have to wait for a technician because they don’t want to hand over technical support to me. Beginning yesterday, my clients couldn’t connect to my server, which was a critical problem for my business. Also, VoipSwitch is not stable and has many issues that can’t be resolved.
  • VoipSwitch is a Windows-based platform so I must restart it every other day. When I have more than two hundred simultaneous calls, VoipSwitch gets stuck.
  • I had to leave VoipSwitch because it was technically difficult to manage. I’m really happy with Kolmisoft support because MOR is easy to use. I had a lot of issues with the VoipSwitch platform.
  • I’ve been using VoipSwitch since 2004. The main reason why I’m thinking of migrating is that I need a Linux-based softswitch to avoid Windows-related issues. I need something more robust because it’s impossible to use Windows OS for critical services like VoIP.
  • VoipSwitch does not offer an option for codec conversion (I must buy a module for that) and it does not support registering DIDs via username/password.
  • I am not happy with VoipSwitch. The user portal is very slow and the monitoring tools for call tracking are very weak.


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