Are you using ASTPP?

Meet MOR, the ASTPP alternative for VoIP providers that want a more powerful

and reliable Class 5 Softswitch to manage VoIP billing and routing

more efficiently.


Company location

Kolmisoft iNextrix
MOR is developed by Kolmisoft, a Lithuanian-based company, located in European Union. ASTPP is developed by iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an Indian-based company.

Company focus

Kolmisoft iNextrix
Kolmisoft focuses on a narrow niche: the development of MOR and M4 softswitches with in-built billing and routing functionality. This focus helps us cut distractions, develop stable and powerful softswitches, and maintain a high-level technical support. iNextrix is a development company that has a wide range of products:  iCallify for call centers, ASTPP for ITSPs, SIP Dialer and Live Call Monitoring. It is good for those who need many products from one provider, but maintainance of multiple products doesn’t allow to focus on a narrow niche.


Technical Support

Regular technical support is available 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, GMT + 2 (Eastern European Time) Monday to Friday. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues with a response time of 10-15 minutes! Technical support is available 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, GMT + 5.30 (India Standard Time) Monday to Friday. Tickets priority: High: up to 8 hours during business hours; Medium: up to 48 hours; Low: up to 5 working days.

Tariff Management (Buying and Selling Rates)

You can easily upload buying rates to MOR and create selling rates for your clients by adding a percentage or a fixed value. If you get regular rate updates, you can automate this process by using Automatic Tariff Import and Rate Notifications functionality. Tariff management consists of Rate Groups, Origination Rates and Ratedeck. You cannot automate the tariff import and rate notifications.

API Integration

MOR has an extensive API and the list of API capabilities is extended in each version. The API for ASTPP is limited.

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