Are you using PortaLinks?

Meet MOR, the PortaLinks alternative for VoIP providers that need a more reliable Class 4/5 SIP Softswitch with real-time billing and top-notch support.


Company focus

Kolmisoft PortaLinks
Kolmisoft focuses on a narrow niche: the development of MOR and M4 softswitches with in-built billing and routing functionality. This focus helps us cut distractions, develop stable and powerful softswitches, and maintain top-notch support. PortaLinks offers VoIP A-Z Termination and provides the access to complete PortaSwitch VoIP server hosting + their own developed integrated applications. PortaSwitch is originally developed by another company – PortaOne, so PortaLinks isn’t a creator of their softswitch.

Technical support response time

Kolmisoft PortaLinks
Regular technical support is available 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, GMT + 2 (Eastern European Time) Monday to Friday. Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues with an average response time of 15 minutes! PortaLinks provides professional support services but does not announce their support availability and response time publicly.

On-premises installation vs. shared hosting

Kolmisoft PortaLinks
Kolmisoft softswitches are available on-premise (installation is done on your server) and as a hosted platform (installation on dedicated servers). This gives you more flexibility and more control. Kolmisoft doesn’t use shared hosting – every customer has their own servers. PortaLinks uses partitioned PortaSwitch and provides it on shared hosting, which means that you can’t install it on-premise. This way, you don’t have any control over the infrastructure and its location.

Softswitch server location

Kolmisoft PortaLinks
If you choose an on-premise installation, Kolmisoft softswitches can be installed in any location, as long as there’s stable Internet access. If you choose a hosted softswitch, dedicated servers are available in the USA, Canada and Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Poland). PortaLinks uses partitioned PortaSwitch and provides it on shared hosting in Europe.

Wondering where to start?

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