Are you using Telinta?

Meet MOR, the Telinta alternative for VoIP providers that need a more affordable carrier-grade switching & billing solution with top-notch support.



Kolmisoft Telinta
MOR is designed for small and medium-sized VoIP providers that need a robust Class 5 Softswitch, with billing and routing functions at a fair price. Telinta is designed for telecom service providers that can allocate comparably higher budgets to their Softswitch infrastructure.



Company Focus

Kolmisoft Telinta
Kolmisoft focuses on a narrow niche: the development of MOR and M4 softswitches with in-built billing and routing functionality. This focus helps us cut distractions, develop stable and powerful softswitches, and maintain top-notch support. Telinta offers Cloud-based Switching & Billing solution (Hosted Softswitch) for VoIP service providers. Telinta is originally developed by another company – PortaOne, so Telinta isn’t a creator of their softswitch.

Technical Support

Kolmisoft Telinta
Kolmisoft also offers 24×7 support for emergency issues with an average response time of 15 minutes! Telinta offers live technical support, 24x7x365.

Call Troubleshooting with PCAP

Kolmisoft Telinta
PCAP is a valuable resource for file analysis and monitoring your voice traffic. Packet collection tools like Wireshark allow you to collect network traffic and translate it into a human-readable format. You can check the SIP trace of a call on the Call Info page. It provides detailed info about calls, including Call Logs and downloadable PCAP files. You can check the SIP trace in the system, but you cannot download PCAP files. To do that you must submit a ticket in Telinta’s support system. As a result, the call troubleshooting process will take much longer.

On-premise installation vs. Shared hosting

Kolmisoft Telinta
Kolmisoft softswitches are available on-premise (installation is done on your server) and as a hosted platform (installation on dedicated servers). This gives you more flexibility and more control. Kolmisoft doesn’t use shared hosting – every customer has their own servers. Telinta uses partitioned PortaSwitch and provides it on shared hosting, which means that you can’t install it on-premise. This way, you don’t have any control over the infrastructure and its location.

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